Medical Grade LED PDT Light Therapy with Infrared

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Newly upgraded with medical grade LED Light bulbs. Use LED lights to emit a specific wavelength of red and blue light, directly act on the deep bottom of skin, exterminate bacteria, relieve inflammation, repair damaged tissue, stimulate the fascia layer to produce greater amount of collagen, to achieve a smooth, tender, bouncy, bright and healthy skin.

1. Red light (625 nm)-promote blood circulation, promote cell regeneration, alleviate pain, promote effective ingredients activity, improve skin tone.
2. Blue light (415 nm)-Calm skin, kill acne bacteria and treat acne, regulate secretion of excess oil, calm allergic skin.
3. Red + Blue light (625 nm~415 nm)-enhanced nursing light source which red light and blue light work at the same time, can promote the growth of skin cells, remove uneven and discoloration of skin tone.
4. Infrared (760 nm)-directly act on the deeper layer of the skin, promote blood circulation, alleviate pain, promote metabolism, strengthen red blue light effect. *not visible with naked eyes
5. Adopts advanced PDT (Photon Dynamic Treatment) technology, comfortable light treatment, safe and with no side effect.

Package Include:
1 * Machine
1 * Power Adapter
1 * Goggles
1 * User Manual

Customer Reviews

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Adelle P.
SO VERSATILE. For Hair growth??!

I use this for acne treatment using blue light when needed, and with the IR mode I use it for helping with my hair growth. No it does not make you grow facial hair lol. I just put my head in with face down and lay on this. So much cheaper than those hair growth helmets which are significantly less stronger than this. If you mix the red and IR, it goes back and forth blinking which is ideal for hair growth stimulating. Got it for my salon but got another one to use at home

Jennie K.
Amazing product for covid times

I have skin issues on my face because of the mask. On my nose and chin area, I have red spots and pimples because they get rubbed by mask whenever I talk. I Started to use this and my skin look soft and pimples are disappearing too!!! My skin was getting sensitive bc I was using strong creams to fix it but now i don’t have to waste money on different creams. So worth the money!!

Jennifer H.
Such a steal!

This is so cool! I’ve used regular led masks but it wasn’t getting all the spots so I wanted to try something like this especially after trying it at a spa I go to. I can adjust the level of the lights and this has the IR mode, which many other LED light products don’t. No installation needed and comes with glasses too! Also shout out to Rachel from customer service for answering all the questions I had in such a timely and professional manner!!

Geoffrey W.

I can always trust this brand. love it, thank you!!

My clients love this

Thank you for having this great device at such an affordable price. I opened a skincare clinic earlier this year and have been struggling to keep new customers. I provide this as a complimentary service after facials and been only receiving positive feedback. I wanted to share one of our client testimonial here, hoping this will help others like me as well. Our client has very sensitive skin and after extraction she was extremely red and swollen. I always hesitate on sending anyone home looking like that.. after being under this device for 15 minutes, she was ready to go anywhere. Thank you H-Lab!!!

Salon product

I know people are all about home-care and stuff but this is something that people are not likely to own at home.
Such an excellent product to place in my salon.
After facials or waxing, I use this to calm their skin and to improve skin tone.
It's big, but it's a nice and professional thing to have in your spa.

Mario B.

Excellent service and quality product

Martie M.

It is way bigger than I thought it would be and cumbersome BUT that’s an advantage because it can cover my face & chest, stomach and rear end. I love it!

Excellent Product!

Easy to use, excellent professional quality and great results. I had an expensive face mask type light therapy mask that stopped working after a few months,was heavy on my nose and didn't work nearly as well. I am thrilled with my purchase! Hoping to buy the full body bed one day.

Karolann C.
top quality device to use on clients

Item arrived well packaged, big box. All works good and well designed. No complaints. Your clients will be impressed by the quality though.

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