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Our story begins many years ago and is ongoing.

Our Founder and CEO struggled with skin problem all her life. After years of disappointment in trying to achieve flawless skin, she finally found the answer. 

She realized the real issue was not with her skin care products, cleansing method, or not using silk pillowcase. Her skin at the moment needed professional help. But going to dermatologist or esthetician or getting a facial was not an option for her. It would be too expensive, time consuming, and simply scared they will mess up her skin even more. Instead, she traveled to South Korea, country known for aesthetics and beauty, met with experts and bought her own professional beauty devices and tools dermatologists and estheticians use on their patients and clients. 

Depending on one's skin type, we need to regularly give ourselves facials. That means removing dead skin cells, extracting blackheads/whiteheads, cleaning out pores, nourish with nutrients, massage to drain lymphatic build up.. and so on. 

After educating and helping her friends and family achieve their skincare goals, she wanted to help others as well, to achieve their true beauty and so Pamper by H-Lab was created. 

All of the products have been clinically tested for effectiveness and safety of usage. However, everyone's skin is different and will require different types of products as well as a specific method to achieve the maximum effect. Please contact our beauty consultant through the chat or email us at Admin@H-LabBeauty.com for further consultation. We are here to help.


R&D and Manufacturing Location: South Korea and China

Warehouse Location: Various locations within United States

Headquarters and Customer Service Department: United States - currently all employees are working from home due to Covid-19