Ultrasonic Pore Cleansing Scrubber and EMS Skin Tightener

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Dimensions: 7.2 X 1.9 X 0.83 inches
Net weight: 4oz
Input voltage: 5V
Input current: 0.5A
Input power: 2.5W
Duration per charge: ~120 minutes

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Beth J.

I used the ems roller on low on top of my face mask sheet and the tingling feeling is crazy!!! I can see my muscles near my eyes move, it’s like a workout for my face. Crazy!!

So convenient!

I use the EMS roller on my jaw and chin line for lifting. After I charge this, I can use this while watching netflix. The tingling feeling is so nice. I Love it!

Works wonders

As a guy who tries to maintain a skincare routine, I highly recommend this product!! A friend recommend it to me and I’ve been seeing great results even after using it for two weeks. I found it to be more effective using the device after steaming my face (e.g,, after shower or hot towel).

Jennifer H.

Love it!! Can’t wait till I play with it, I have so many bumps (whiteheads) in my skin I wanted to get rid off

Jessica L.

I used this Infront of my bf (both scrubber and the roller) and he wanted to try and this opened his eyes to skin care LOL looks like we’re gonna be doing this as a couple thing. My skin is finally somewhat smooth and brighter. Best decision to get this

Dianne M.

This works... I’ve dealt with bumpy skin (mostly whiteheads all over my face) and using this made my skin super smooth.. Extracting tools would irritate my skin so much but i dont know if it’s something this gives off but this takes all the bad stuff our of my skin. I’ve used it only a few times so far but already seeing results!! Highly recommend this!

Jennie K.

This removes outer pores.
using twice a week is enough for flawless skin.

Jennie K.
whitehead off

I don't have many visible blackheads but I have so many whiteheads!!!!
This helps to remove them.
Better than those whitehead patches where I hurt my skin and leaving holes behind.

Lisa B.

Previous scrubber I used the metal part got rusty so I bought this and so glad I did. I can use the other side for massaging my face and comes with silicon cap so i dont have to worry about it getting dirty or rusty.

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