LED PDT Light Therapy (7 Colors) Newly Upgraded with Medical Grade LED Light Bulbs

$239 $495

*Shipping time 2-5 business days via UPS or USPS. Please allow 1-3 business days for fulfillment.

Newly upgraded with medical grade LED Light bulbs. Use LED lights to emit a specific wavelength of each color, directly act on the deep bottom of skin, exterminate bacteria, relieve inflammation, repair damaged tissue, stimulate the fascia layer to produce greater amount of collagen, to achieve a smooth, tender, bouncy, bright and healthy skin.

Certified Medical Grade 282 LED Light bulbs.

We provide 1 year warranty on all products. 

Customer Reviews

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Saves money and time

It works for me

I’m an impatient gal and love the strong light setting so i do 5mins on blue for acne and 5mins on red. Works wonders on my combination skin. I wanted to get the same one my esthetician used (they charge me extra $$ for like 15mins of this as an add on during facials) and whos got money for that each time. Acne thats about to appear goes down and my skin is brighter/less fine wrinkles if you are contemplating it this is a better investment vs hella expensive skincare products.

byeee acne

works great for my acne

Ali J.
Loving the upgraded one!

I’ve been using their old version which I liked but when I heard they cane with 2.0 I had to get it. It’s the same as original but just A LOT better. You can adjust the brightness from 1-4, they have heat setting ( i dont use this much though) and the lights are much brighter so it cuts the time I use in half. Great job! Love it!! And the material is more sturdy than precious one.

Michelle R.
Clients love it I love it

I have many clients who struggle with whiteheads/blackheads. After using scrubber exfoliation on their skin, especially on sensitive clients their skin becomes extremely red. I provide them with complimentary led service at the end and they’re able to walk out of my salon with clear normal skin!! I would love to keep this secret to myself but posting my review to help others as well. I just love this versatile and effective device! They also replaced my device I purchased many months ago when one of the panel’s lights went out. Talk about 1 year guarantee in action! It was such a relief because I use this so often.

Alex G.
great device

Perfect lamp, everything works very well by pressing the yellow/color we get the other colors.

Helene D.

LED PDT Light Therapy (7 Colors)

Tina A.

Arrived super fast and works well!

Lenna L.
great service

Received Today, fast delivery, thanks to the customer agents, very fast to answer your questions.

Mitchell C.
super fast shipping

Very effective and efficient shipping order super fast received it in two days and in good condition

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