Premium IPL Permanent Laser Hair Removal Device

$119 $299
Hair Removal Hits: 900,000 times
Product Size: 16.8 * 11.2 * 7.8cm
Levels of Power:1-8 levels
Main function: Permanent Hair Removal
Additional Function:Skin Rejuvenation /Reduce Acne
1. Plug in the power and turn on the machine. T
2. Select the appropriate strength (1-8 levels). It is recommended to start slowly from the low level mode and then to gradually build up the strength to high level mode.
3. Place the laser head directly on to the skin, after the energy indicator flashes, press the launch button to complete the operation. Move to the next area and continue the operation.
*Device is defaulted as manual mode, if you would like automatic mode, press the button for ~3 seconds and it will switch to fast automatic mode.

Customer Reviews

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Okay first, I’ve spent over $1k in getting permanent laser hair removal sessions at a salon. (Brazilian, underarm) Got them total of more than 8 sessions on each of the areas over ~1yr. I STILL AM NOT HAIRLESS. I was not about to spend thousands more and my precious time going there and am so glad I bought this. If you have been to salons you will know but it hurts, A LOT. And you smell your hair burning (depending on the type they use) I went to 2 different places. I am just glad I can do this on my own time whenever and wherever I want to. This device is strong enough that if you set it to level 7 or 8, it hurts, not unbearable but smell the burning a bit which I am glad because I know that it is working. I’ve been using level 6 on my legs and noticed that theyre not scratchy even if I don’t shave. Can’t wait to try more and be hairless forever!!

Florence M.

Ordered on 27 Aug, arrived 8 Sept. Well protected packaged with inflatable wrap and additional bubble wrap. Box is slightly crumpled but product not damaged. Comes with adapters for UK/US, sunglasses and shaver. User Manual is in colour and in various languages. English language in the user manual is good. Haven’t tested the device. Will do so later and will update if working and the results in a couple of weeks/months.

Randall N.

Awesome! I have ingrowns and thick hair and it helps with those! I have been only using it up to level 5 but hoping to increase the intensity. soooooo much less pain than at a salon. It pinches a bit on high setting.

Turner W.

It's great!

Ashlee O.

Left leg, treatment was performed a month ago Right foot, no treatment performed

Ludwig K.

Look how cute the design is. It also works really well, pretty fast and not painful at all. I am looking forward for the results and not having to go to salons for hair removal treatments. For reference, I got underarms done 6 times and then another 5 times, total of 11 times at a salon and they are not still completely gone. Was not about to spend another hundreds of dollars and time to get that from salon. Not alone all the pain!

Brendan B.

[Restocked] Premium IPL Laser Hair Removal Device

Dustin L.

Five stars! I love it

Myrtie K.

perfect for the price I think it works fine but I didn't wait to see the results

Hosea C.


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